AVR Mega32 Development Board


      This low cost Development Board designed to use it with AVR Mega16 and Mega32 microcontrollers. It has connectors for parallel ports A, B, C and D and connectors for ISP and I2C bus. It also has RS232 serial interface, 5V voltage regulator, 8 LED and 8 switches for connection to any port. It needs external power between 8V to 24V or 5V from USB connector. All connectors have 5VDC and GND line. The switches can give either logic 0 with pull up resistors or logic 1 through resistors, depending on the connection of jumpers which are placed near the main connector. The microcontroller can use its internal oscillator or external by mounting the desirable XTAL to a connector close to microcontroller (the capacitors are already installed).

      All resistors connected to switches and the resistor in RESET are 10k. All resistors connected to LEDs are 510. All resistors connected to port B are 240 (these are essential resistors in order to avoid short-circuit with ISP if it is connected). The four electrolytic capacitors connected to max232 are 1F/63V. The two capacitors connected to XTAL are 22pF. The electrolytic capacitor connected to 7805 is 100F/25V and the three capacitors near the ports are 100nF.

       The microcontroller can be programmed by the ISP Port using the USB In System Programmer described in Project section. Substitutionally can be programmed through the serial port of Development Board by adapting, as sawn in the pictures that presented, a simple programmer with a Tiny2313 (.hex file). This programmer can be assembled in an experimental board.












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