This is a low cost USB In System Programmer for AVR microcontrollers. It works very well with AVRStudio (www.atmel.com) and it is very fast. Supports a lot of AVR microcontrollers. Most of the elements are SMD in order to keep the board simple and small. The dimensions of the PCB are 48x48mm. IC3 (ATTINY2313) must be programmed in an external programmer and for this reason is DIL package.

     Main power for the programmer is from the USB port and is possible to supply power the board that programs. The switch in the right top corner isolates programmer board's voltage from target board's voltage if the second has its own power. IC1 (93C46) is an EEPROM and it is not necessary for the operation. It can be programmed, on board from the USB bus using MPorg  (www.ftdichip.com), with additional information for the USB connection. AVRStudio recognises automatically the programmer as an ISP PROG.






SCHEMATIC                                       PROGRAM




Components list


C1  = 10µF/15V

C2  = 33n

C3  = 10n

C4  = 22p

C5  = 22p

C6  = 22p

C7  = 22p

C8  = 10n

C9  = 10n


CN1  = USB

CN2  =  A3E-6 PIN


D1  = LED


IC1 = 93C46

IC2 = FT232BM

IC3 = ATtiny2313


R1  = 27

R2  = 10k

R3  = 470

R4  = 27

R5  = 1.5k

R6  = 2.2k

R7  = 4.7k

R8  = 220


XTAL1   = 11.0592MHz

XTAL2   = 6MHz



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