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Power Supply 0.8V - 5.0V & Waveform Generator

      The project presented incorporates a power supply voltage and a waveform generator in a simple circuit. It based on microcontroller Atmel ATmega32. The settings are done by a 4x4 keypad and two push buttons. Indications displayed in an LCD 2x16 series 1602 screen. The settings of the power supply can also be done by PC with the LabVIEW through serial port RS232 or USB port with a suitable converter.




Electronic Cash Register based on I2C bus with AVR (for training purpose)

      The cash register that psesented is based on I2C bus with AVR micontrollers and it is for training purpose. It can accomplish all necessary operations (add, multiply, calculate taxes, print reciepts and store informations in an EEPROM). For more information please contact.




      This is a low cost USB In System Programmer for AVR microcontrollers. It works very well with AVRStudio and it is very fast. Supports a lot of AVR microcontrollers. (Designed by Klaus Leidinger, Dimitrios Porlidas, Mike Henning and Vasilis Serasidis)


AVR ATmega32 Development Board

      This low cost Development Board designed to use it with AVR ATmega16 and AVR ATmega32 microcontrollers. It has connectors for parallel ports A, B, C and D and connectors for ISP and I2C bus. It also has RS232 serial interface, 5V voltage regulator, 8 LEDs and 8 switches for connection to any port. The board needs external power between 8V to 24V or 5V from USB connector. It can collaborate as well with ATtiny2313 and ATmega8 modules described bellow.







ATtiny2313 and ATmega8 modules

      ATtiny2313 module is a simple board that designed to program ATtiny2313 and similar microcontrollers. It has connectors for the ports and a base for XTAL if required one.

      ATmega8 module designed to fit in the base of microcontroller of ATmega32 Development Board described above.




I2C EEPROM Reader-Programmer

      I2C EEPROM Reader-Programmer is a simple circuit with a few elements that reads and programs a lot of I2C EEPROM like the series 24XXX. It has RS232 Serial interface and consociates perfectly with PONYPROG (




Replace Linnear Voltage Regulators with Switching

        We can replace a linear regulator with a switching one, for better performance, by using the proper connection, without make any modification to the board. A simple method is presented in order to make a module with LM2576-XX and put it in the place of LM78XX.




8 Bit Up Down Counter

      This counter designed for laboratory use in applications that need a digital signal of 8 bits, for example decoders, DAC or digital inputs to microcontrollers. It has optical representation of output with leds and sockets for connection in raster. It needs external power between 2V to 18V (recommended 5V).



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